Tips and Stuff

Over the months (years (decades?) in Internet time) I have accumulated a number of bits of information about NetMeeting that took time, effort and sometimes luck to find. I hope somebody finds this stuff useful.

Clicking on the menu items on the right will access the information (I will be adding new sections and updating current sections as time goes on). If you don’t find what you need here I have added some tools to help searching elsewhere.

In addition because of the myriad of NetMeeting related newsgroups I am going to list them here — if your news reader allows it I suggest that use these newsgroups directly from the Microsoft server — there are feeds in and out but not all providers supply access to these groups and sometimes the feeds are inconsistent so that postings can be missed.

Microsoft is now providing a web based gateway to their newsgroups.

English (mostly but all languages accepted):

  1. news://

  2. news://

  3. news://

  4. news://

  5. news://

  6. news://


  1. news://


  1. news://


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  1. news://

I am active answering questions in the English newsgroups – as are many others – if you need help they are the best resort.

The NetMeeting Discussion Mailing list hosted by Meeting by Wire is a good way follow NetMeeting issues and to make inquiries and has as members many NetMeeting experts.

There are a number of other good sources for NetMeeting information:

bullet Microsoft’s Support site has a searchable Knowledge Base with lots of information (unfortunately of varying quality) about NetMeeting and other Microsoft Products
bullet Microsoft download site has a good beginners guide (maybe a bit salesy though)
bullet The Microsoft Resource Kit has information on deploying NetMeeting in an organization
bullet The Microsoft SDK has good information for C developers and web authors
bullet Information from MSDN on the NetMeeting Platform SDK
bullet “Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0: NetMeeting Internet Collaboration Tool” – a CBT training course — for NetMeeting 2.1 but has some good animations and explanations¬†
bullet The Archive of Lara Thurman’s (Microsoft PSS NetMeeting support) webcast “Microsoft NetMeeting: How It Can Work for You” – a voice supported Power Point presentation that is a good overall view of NetMeeting functionality and setup.
bullet Microsoft has added a “Tutorial Pack-Collaborating with Others Using NetMeeting 3.x” to its Instructional Resources Series – it consists of a tutorial for presenters, power point presentation and canned script for teaching a class on NetMeeting use.