Meeting by Wire is offering consulting services on the use, deployment, and support of I-net based real-time collaborative technologies (including NetMeeting, Conference Servers, Directory Servers and related hardware and software)

We can help you:

bullet develop strategic plans for collaborative technology
bullet execute those plans including user education, installation of software and hardware, roll out support
bullet support an existing or planned collaborative infrastructure including user support for NetMeeting for community websites

Brian Sullivan is:

bullet a Microsoft  MVP specializing in real time collaborative technology
bullet a software development professional with 30 years of experience
bullet a trained Basadur Simplex group problem solving facilitator and the author of the “Simplex One Hour Problem Solver” software
bullet an experienced Computer Based Training development specialist, having created more than 30 custom CBT packages using Click2Learn Toolbook

We can help you providing short term services, personal consulting or assembling a team for a large project or roll out.

If you are interested in using our services please contact:

bullet Brian Sullivan (
bullet the webmaster through any of the contact methods at the bottom of the page.
bullet if you have NetMeeting 3.0 and are running IE 4.01 you may be able to contact immediately through the Contact Center
bullet For reference you can download a .VCF file