Directory Servers

ILS Server V2.0 for NT 4 Server

Microsoft’s ILS server ( now in two versions V2.0 downloadable for a limited time but will be phased out and V3.0 downloadable in time limited version as part of Site Server 3.0 ). V2.0 requires that you be running IIS 3 or later on NT 4 Server. V3.0 as far as I can tell is integrated into “Site Server 3.0” which is a repackaged NT4, IIS4 and other components– the bottom line is that it costs.¬†

A few tidbits of information that might be useful:

bullet Exchange Server also runs an LDAP server on the same port as ILS – to avoid conflicts the Exchange server LDAP server must be moved to another port according to the Microsoft article here
bullet The ILS installs documentation – I don’t know of any online version of it — installation is straightforward however – IIS must be installed on the target machine but the service should be stopped during installation.

I have installed ILS a number of times without incident.. It seems though that for small operations (< 500 users) the ILS does not put a strain on CPU, memory or bandwidth. Scalability may be a problem with the ILS seemingly if the public servers are an indication.

The ILS Server on Site Server 3.0

There are a number of Microsoft Knowledge Base articles that should be consulted when attempting to use Site Server 3.0 as an ILS:

bullet Q238994 – HowTo Set Up Internet Locator Server 3.0 on Site Server 3.0
bullet Q224007 – NetMeeting Does Not Connect to ILS Server

The ILS Server on Win2000

Win2000 servers also have ILS functionality – it seems that on Win2000 server (I am not sure about advanced server) at least it is installed and functioning by default on TCP port 1002- the article mentioned below explains how to set the server to use TCP port 389 — where most non Win2000 clients expect it. The Win2000 server help file (also online) has useful informaton – search for “ILS”.

This version of the ILS server does not have the same object model as previously and web based code to access and display the server contents that came with ILS 2 does not work on Win2000’s ILS 3. Microsoft has produced a number of Knowledge Base articles that explain how to implement the functionality on Win2000:

bullet Q266626 РILS 2.0 sample templates do not work with Windows 2000 Site Server ILS service 
bullet Q273634 РNetscape browsers do not support the NetMeeting-installed CALLTO protocol 

There are however a couple of Knowledge Base articles that have turned up that may be useful:

bullet Q245621 – NetMeeting Clients Cannot Connect to an ILS Server Running Windows 2000
bullet Q259286 – NetMeeting on Windows 2000 Does Not Connect to an ILS Server

MSDN information on programming the ILS might be useful as well

CoCoWare Dirutil

CoCoWare has a product that may be interesting to many Netmeeting/ILS developers. They have developed a library on top of the Netscape LDAP SDK for Java to access ILS. It works without using the Microsoft VM. It more or less mimics Netmeeting’s behaviour. The so called dirutil package is part of the CoCoWare platform. Dirutil has been licensed under the GNU Lesser License V2.1 and is available for download.

Unix ILS server?

Lately it has come to my attention that there may be a Unix ILS server from a UK company – Data Connections which is apparently supplying core technology to Sun, SGI and perhaps other Unix vendors ( and maybe even Microsoft). I am not sure whether this is a viable alternative for Unix operators but it is worth a look.

Linux ILS Server

A freeware ILS server has been created using various open source components – I don’t have any personal experience with it but you can find instructions on deploying it at this site.


SurgeLDAP product is a general LDAP server product that runs on a variety of Windows, Unix, Linux platforms and has been enhanced for use as an ILS server. Pricing wasn’t indicated at the site but sources indicate a price of $777 — an evaluation download is available.

For general information on ILS servers and how they work with NetMeeting go to our NetMeeting primer page.

Looking for ILS servers to use?

You could try NetMeetingHq and Videofrog both of which operate ILS scanners.